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We Serve It Warm and Fresh

Craving sweet confections and French toast? Satisfy your cravings by visiting Simple Joe Cafe And Confectionary in Baton Rouge, LA. We serve warm and fresh breakfast dishes, along with a variety of savory sandwiches and tasty seafood treats. If you have a sweet tooth, you will surely love our specialty confections. Read on to learn more about our enticing menu.


Vegetable Salad

Grits Bowl

  • Plain - $4.00
    Add Toppings From Our Sides Menu to Customize Your Bowl


Shrimps and Grits*


Healthy Choice




Simple Joe Lunch Specials






Coffee (Featuring River Road Coffee)


Laurie’s Confections (Hand-Dipped Heaven)


Enjoy Eating With Your Family and Friends

Make the most out of your visit at our cafe by bringing your friends and family for a delicious feast. Enjoy quality time as we serve you with food that will surely brighten up your day. If you have questions about the food and beverage items we offer, do not hesitate to give us a call!